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EIGHT & BOB : Mémoires de Mustique, 100ml



Citrus, Floral, Musk.

Each perfume in Albert's private collection was born from a memory of a place or of a person - transforming them into extraordinary fragrances to conserve them in time.

Mémoires de Mustique is a tribute to those who have shared the magic of this unique Caribbean island and for those who once dreamed of being part of something unique. Mémoires de Mustique scent is born from the encounter between a masterpiece of Albert Fouquet and the reminiscences of the magnificent and exclusive island of Mustique through its crystalline waters, the eternity of its sunsets and its landscapes unchanged throughout history. A trip to the past to capture its essence in its purest form.

Sadly this is the last scent that Fouquet created as he passed away while completing it. Despite this sad connection, this fragrance is light and sunny - the ultimate citrus fragrance and a must for lovers of Neroli and Orange Blossom. Rich, rounded and the smell of summer, this is one of our best citrus scents with depth to it.

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